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2012-07-10 03:47:52 (UTC)

Slamming Door Drama

Sup diary.

Went to sleep at like 4 AM. Woke up at 7.30 PM. I've slept like 15 hours straight. I was so tired, don't even know why.

Had a pretty cool dream, was singing a song I never heard before, and it was really awesome. Woke up happy. Heard loud screaming downstairs.
Went downstairs and saw the door get slammed shut. Looked to my left, saw brother at the kitchen table eating. It took me about one second to put together the pieces. Asked bro what was going on. Told me she just left, bolted. Didn't even care for an explanation. Ran towards the door, opened it, and she was standing there. I had a lot to ask her, first thing that came up tho was: "You're just gonna leave us here?"
After 3 seconds of silence I knew she was ignoring me.
"You are not even gonna look at me? You are not even gonna show me a little respect? Well thank you for everything, I hope you have a good life!"
Just slammed the door on her. I was angry, relieved, and a whole lot of other emotions. I just sat there in the kitchen, together with my bro.
We just looked at each other, silently asking the other with nothing but stares about what we should do. I don't know. Let her go? I've never dealt with a situation like this. It's gonna suck when her daughter, my mother, gets home.

Went downstairs again at 9.30 PM. Mother was home. She just stood there, her arms crossed and leaning on the cooking tablet. She looked and me and greeted me, and I immediately saw how sad and confused and angry she was at the same time. Whenever she is like this, she tries to hide it. She is damn good at it too, but I'm her son. I know her. Only three years ago did I finally unmask her pokerface. Guess that's where I got my lying skills from.

But enough about that. Sent an email to father today. Gave him an update about the situation, and my progress with study, which is non-existent by the way...

Played some games with friends. Went downstairs again at 11.30 PM.

Watched some recorded tv-shows with mother; 'The Event'. Bro came downstairs about 30 minutes later. He was on the phone with his new girlfriend. I honestly stopped keeping track. Don't get me wrong, he is not a seducer, he's just a really nice and cool guy. No wonder women want to be with him. It just makes me smile whenever I see him this happy. He has yet to find his true love, so many girls have broken up with him. I honestly don't know why. He is loyal, you can always depend on him, good looking, muscular, has a nice job with plenty of income, good listener, ... I could go on and on. Their loss I guess the saying goes, huh?

Saw the movie called 'This Means War', with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Pretty good one. Laughed a few times.

So, this is it again. Signing off. I should really start studying, argh! I got class starting September 17th or something! Perhaps tomorrow. Probably not...

I'm out.


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