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2012-07-09 17:43:15 (UTC)

Away from you..day 421

Good morning Michael :) okay, so today has been pretty good so far. Still on a job hunt, but I have the resume created. Now all I have to do is fill out the information out on it. Which shouldn't be that hard, but I want to make sure I got it right so I'm going to take it to my mom and get help with the last little bit of it... I have one of my goals accomplished. I wanted to get my teeth fixed make them white cause I'm tired of them being pretty yellow no matter what it is I do to try and fix it. I haven't gotten my teeth fixed cause that requires going to a dentist and then an orthodontist, but they are white now cause my cousin has some really cool toothpaste that she lets me use... I know that all of the stuff I'm saying may seem really stupid and boring, but they are things that I'm actually genuinely embarrassed about that are getting fixed for me. I wrote another letter to my cousin Zak in the marines. So far I've written two and he's only been there three weeks so far. I guess I feel like since he is so far away that he should be updated on everything that's going on. Oh hey, Dammond got a gym membership and a guest pass. So now not only does my cousin Jess have one, now Dammond has one. Which means that Jess and her boyfriend Eric can go on her pass, and Dammond and I could go hang out with them by using his pass.
You know what's stupid.. my cousin Crystal thinks that I should quit singing. I found this out last night when I was singing and Dammond asked me if I wanted to sing with him. I started singing with him and then Jess said that she'd love to sing but her voice doesn't do well at night. Then Crystal said well than why don't you guys quit playing music and singing for now. It's getting annoying anyway. Jess said that it shouldn't be a problem cause it's not like Dammond and I are bad or anything. Crystal wouldn't quit yapping like Chevy about how annoying having us singing was cause she couldn't go anywhere else... That's when I piped up and said "Well Crystal, really, you do have a place to go just the same as we do, you just refuse you get your lazy butt out of your chair and quit watching movies from the time you get home from work. So you can imagine just how annoyed all of us get with movies playing all of the time."... That made her mad, but it shut her up cause I wasn't being mean. Jess has been telling her the same thing for weeks.
Hey, by the way I haven't asked yet. How are you? I hope your day has gone well and that you aren't missing me too much over in the Dakotas. I love you Michael, and I really miss you. It feels like.. well sometimes it feels like even though there are people in the house.. it feels like no one is here, like I'm all alone... That will fix itself with time though :)

I love you and miss you like crazy,