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2012-07-09 03:20:16 (UTC)

what the hell

he is ignoring me and it is making me mad. i text him everyday. he texted me 1. oh sorry 2. i miss him and i love him. Brandon is talking to me and i am starting to like him. and nothing is stopping me. i think i am okay with it. i miss Camden like crazy and if he is too busy for me i guess i might not be good enough for me. he hasn't sent 1 text to say good night or i love you or i miss you to or even sorry im busy. he said im not ignoring you and the ther time he said bye.
what the hell am i supposed to do. my parents got a divorce. i miss my dad and my sister. my other sister is hanging out with a b*tch named Taylor so she is too good for me now and doessnt care about me. my mom is on Facebook all the time and my dad is always mad. my other sister is always talking about how great her boyfriend is and how she misses he birth mom.

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