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2012-07-09 04:25:01 (UTC)

The Emperor Protects

Hey diary.

Got woken up at 12 AM by brother. Went to the cinema and saw Amazing Spiderman. It was pretty okay.

I can sum up what I ate today. One waffle with sugar, one marshmallow and a cup of popcorn. Yeh I know, not really a healthy sustaining diet.

The root of this lack of nourishment can be found in my excitement and fanaticism. I started reading stuff. Let me just start from the jump.

So, was looking up music on Youtube, came across this video about Warhammer 40k, fan made. I asked myself: "what's so special about The Emperor?" I used to assemble the miniatures and paint them myself a couple of years ago, but I never got quite into depth concerning lore.

Well to be honest, I think I caught up. I must have read an equivalent of 300 pages today. It just started casually, but then the original text kept making references, and I'm hooked. I practically know everything about the Warhammer 40K universe now. The Age of Strife, the Golden Throne, how the emperor came about, who he is, what he is, the five!!! Chaos Gods, not four, The Warp, also known as the Immaterium.

I could go on. It was really a nice read. I loved it because of the sci-fi, but also because of the theological and philosophical questions it raised. What is written there might as well be mankind's future. At least it's a possibility.

As I was reading, I couldn't help but live in the story. Whenever I read, I always picture myself in that time and place. In this case, the world might be dark and full of danger, but it is one I would not mind living in. At least they have a goal, a purpose.

Not going to make it to long tho. People who know Warhammer probably want to know which side I'm on. Huh. Well, let's just say Eldar were never my favorite, I don't really like other Xenos races except maybe Tau. Maybe I would be Chaos, but for now, I'm won over by the determination and order the Imperium of Man provides. More specifically, I would love to be a Librarian or Techpriest.

Alright, enough nerd-ism for today. Signing off with a quote;
"There is nothing more dangerous than incomplete knowledge, or a mind untrained to absorb it."
~Varro Tigurius, Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines

I'm out.

Xin, Creator of this diary and abuser of too much free time

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