2012-07-08 06:34:04 (UTC)

Is it Time to Change again?

It is now Sunday and (one of) my best friends and I still haven't spoken a word to each other. (Kinda in a fight- Haven't talked to her since yesterday. ) In my opinion don't think I should apologize. If she is disssing me and not trying to fix things... then I'm not going to apologize for something I dont think I did.... if I didnt ask her how her day went (that was the problem... I think? 0.o-Not even sure) was because I had to many things on my mind to even wonder that.(Aunt who I am really close to is really really sick and my cousin is in the hospital because a car fell on him) I mean im not her boyfriend or wife. It is just stress I don't need in my life right now...SO SHE IS JUST GOING TO HAVE TO GET OVER IT!


Later on during the day:
I am going to eat with the Family (Mother, Father, and Brother! :D)
I am also going to have to clean my room and get things ready for when my aunt and cousins (one boy and girls)come on Wednesday!(:

(Hopefully this is one thing I dont mess up!)

My girl cousin that is coming is LIKE MY SISTER!... I mean I do have a step sister and two step brothers but I have never had a good dependable relationship with them. They just have never been there for me. They Just don't have my trust quite yet....

Well for today I think that will be all!(:


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