Abney's Life.
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2012-07-07 17:45:28 (UTC)

What more can I do?

Okay soooo I'm that girl that is suppose to be so crazy in the love with her best guy friend.. Yupp that's me. He knows now. I've told him EVERYTHING that there is to tell him. What more can I do. We had our little heart to heart convo on the phone last night. My exact words were. I am in love with you and I wanna be with you. He said I don't know how I feel about you yet. I really don't know. I'm telling all truth. If we were together and then broke up. I wouldn't have my bestfriend anymore. Or maybe if we did go out we may fall madly in love. I just don't know if I wanna take this risk yet.

I'm like speechless. Not much more I can say to that. I don't even know how to respond. Truth is I'm ready for whatever happens. I'm in love with him. I'm just waiting on him to love me back. (:

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