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2012-07-06 23:33:06 (UTC)

Away from you..day 424 part 4

Wow lol I've never gone over two parts to the Journal entries, but I guess now that I basically have nothing to do until I can get a job, and get help from my mom putting together a resume I have a lot more time to write and explain.. basically all of the little details of my day :) Anyway, I was invited (along with my mom, and my two youngest sisters) to go over to one of my grandparents friends house. Her name is Rosemary, and she is very quickly becoming both my moms and my friend.. Even though she is an adult :)... We were invited over to her house at 8:00 in the morning to bake chocolate chip cookies for breakfast :) which should be really fun. Then after that we are going to the river with another couple that my grandparents know really well. (keep in mind, these people aren't my grandparents age. They are my parents age or slightly younger.).. Their names are Sandra and Marcelo.. I think I just spelled his name wrong.. Sandra is a body builder and Marcelo is a security guard. Anyways, we are going with them to the river tomorrow to go tubing. At most the river is waist high and it's not very rough or cold... Told you this city is fit :)... :/ ... You know, I find myself always trying to take my mind off of the subject cause it drives me crazy when I know that I can't know anything for another 424 days, but I always find myself wondering how you are doing and I can't help it. I guess when you love someone you're always gonna wonder that because you are always hoping that they are doing great and that nothing is going wrong for them...

love you lots,

P.S. There is a major thunder/lightning storm over here :D it's really cool! :)