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2012-07-06 17:05:28 (UTC)

Away from you..day 424 part 3

Well I figured that since Jess and I weren't gonna end up going to the gym today that I'd just exercise by myself, and the funniest part about it was that I'd go and do an exercise like sit-ups and then look over and find Laila trying to copy me :) it was cute. Hey guess what, I'm leaving my grandparents house for the second time since I got here... the first time was with my dad to go get the rest of my clothing from the storage unit... but this time I'm going to the park with my sisters (for sure), than I am going to (hopefully) convince my brother to go on a bike ride with me.. than once I get back to the "house" I'm going to look up options for a part time job (again) and the possibility of taking karate lessons at the Downtown Colorado YMCA... Hey, did you know that Colorado is the 4th fittest city in the U.S.? I didn't know that until yesterday, but I can see why... almost everyone here has at least some muscle, and a lot of the jobs I'm finding are for babysitting, gym related, actual restaurants (not to be mistaken with fast food, though there are a few of those too), or they have to do with cleaning hotels... this is a tourist area :)... anyway, that is what I'm up to so far and I will write again later. I hope you're doing okay where ever it is that you're working at the moment and just so you know, when you finally read this at the end of these 424 days you'll know...:) I love you with all my heart and I miss you incredibly.

love forever and always,