2012-07-06 06:41:38 (UTC)

Away from you..day 424

Hey Handsome :) Well I don't know if you are up, and you probably wont read this, but good morning :) I actually haven't gone to bed yet cause I've been watching A-team. Guess what, my grandma had a bunch of DVD's and Video's in Washington... she said that we could take some with us. The first thing I grabbed was a series of John Wane DVD's :) they remind me of you, and I would be watching them right now but they are in a tote, which means I can't get at them for the next couple days... I'll write more and explain my day in a little while, but I have to go to sleep otherwise Jess and I can't go to the Gym at 7:00 before she starts work...

love you more than you know,