2012-07-05 17:26:32 (UTC)


Is it stupid or wrong of me to stay with someone that just hurts me. No matter how much love I have for him. Is that so wrong. My heart hurts because of the things that he did coming from someone who said that they love me, and wanted to spend their life with. I don't know if I can ever trust him. I'm so scared that he's gonna do it a third time, like the first two times weren't good enough.

For someone who was cheated on and says they don't trust me, to turn around and be a betraying contradicting asshole, wasnt fair. I'm tired of everyone talking about me, betraying me, leaving me. It's not fair. I think after the 8 years I deserve some happiness. I've proved myself, but i don't get that. What I get cheated on, talked about, kicked out and treated like crap. And I have put myself out there and treated people right.
Who am I supposed to be? Where am I going to end up? Lately I feel like its going to be nowhere...

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