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2012-07-05 05:35:55 (UTC)

Quotes... :)

Love quotes

If I know what love is, it is because of you.
- Hermann Hesse

For you see, each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
- Rosemonde Gerard

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.
- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Real love stories never have endings.
- Richard Bach

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt with the heart.
- Helen Keller

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.
- Sam Keen

Funny quotes

When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car

After twelve years of therapy my psychiatrist said something that brought tears to my eyes. He said, "No hablo ingles."

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing

Elevators smell different to midgets.

Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.

Girls are like phones. We love to be held, talked too but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected!

Missing someone quotes

When you're around someone so much, for so long, they become a part of you, and when they go away, you don't know who you are without them.

I keep myself busy with things to do, but everytime I pause, I still think of you.

I only miss you when I'm breathing..

Last night I hugged my pillow and dreamt of you..
I wish that someday I'd dream bout my pillow and I'd be hugging you.

I hate when I miss someone and can't do anything about it..
I think about you every night before I sleep. I imagine you are
here with me. With one arm around me and your legs touching
me then you kiss my neck and I fall asleep like that. It helps me sleep.

Sometimes you miss only one person but it feels
like the whole world is empty...

Psychology claims that: When we sleep while hugging one pillow,
we actually wish it to be the person we miss and love the most.

Sometimes it takes being away from someone for a while to realize
how much you really need them in your life.

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