2012-07-05 01:05:32 (UTC)

Away from you..day 426 part 2

Hey hun, so my day has gone okay. I just went and soaked in the bathtub, cause for as much as I'm feeling better than yesterday, I still feel like crap. So what have you been up to? I've been looking at jobs cause my dad is telling me that "Because I'm not busy, I am going to be helping him with his Insurance Adjusting"... The things that he would have me do are things that I've already tried and I know I don't like them, so honestly I'm trying to make myself as busy as possible... By that I mean things like..working out with my cousin Jess, Getting a job, going to youth group... things like that. So both fun and work combined.. if I do that than I could get out of working for my dad, especially when school starts up :)

I miss you like crazy Michael, and I hope you know that, cause I talked to my brother.. he told me that you had a very stupid idea.. Have Dammond and I plan a trip to go get my truck around a week that you are off because you miss me so much... From what I was told, he told you that he wasn't going to do that to both of us and purposely make things worse... Here is my thought on this... For as much as I miss you, I wouldn't do that to us either. I love you too much for that.. and it may not seem like it because of what I just said, but we only have 426 days left.. I'm not gonna jeopardize anything else... Not when I'm so close to being back in your arms again. Like I said, I love you and I miss you like hell. I really really hope you know that, and when we see each other again I'll prove it to you.

love you to distraction,