2012-07-04 22:54:30 (UTC)

Away from you..day 426

I'm soo sorry hun that I haven't written in a few days... We left the day of my last entry and we got to Colorado yesterday... I had gotten better (I wasn't sick anymore) and then because I sat in a car for two days I got sick again, fever and all, which sucks... Anyway, like I said we got to Colorado yesterday and I was too sick to do much but I'm feeling much better today. Hey guess what, I'm getting my hair done in a few months by my cousin Jess. I got it cut to shoulder length in April, and it's grown out an inch every month... I discovered that I kind of like it long, so I'm gonna grow it out to about the middle of my rib-cage then with out cutting any length off of it I'm going to have her layer it and highlight it :) so I'm pretty excited about that :)

I'm going in as a Senior this school year I think, as you know I was supposed to be a Senior this year but I got held back, so my mom is thinking about putting me in as a Junior... My dad and I are both disagreeing with that cause that would put me graduating when I'm 19 instead of graduating when I'm almost 18... My dad is pushing to get me ready for the real world as soon as possible... I've got a lot of goals in mind and they are pretty good according to my parents.

I miss you like crazy and I'm counting down the days... 426 :)... till I can be in your arms again... I love you Michael.

Love forever and always,