Abney's Life.
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2012-07-04 17:07:39 (UTC)

Mixed Signals.

Boys are really starting to confuse the heck outta me. So like as I already wrote about yesterday I'm really starting to fall for my guy bestfriend & he says he doesn't like me anymore than a bestfriend. I'm starting to think he was lying about that. Last night when we were hanging out he flirts constantly & he doesn't even realize it. Or does he?. He always has to be super close to me and touching me somehow.. He is sooo giving me mixed signals.. I really wish he would tell me how he feels.. Everybody saying he like totally likes me by the way he is towards me and treats me. I love my boy bestfriend to death. & he loves me too bcause he tells me all the time. I wish he wouldn't make it so hard for me to get over him. I been tryna move on and start liking other people bcause he tells me that he doesn't wanna be with me like that but when he flirts I fall right back into liking him even more again I don't know what to do anymore... I texted him last night & told him we needed to talk soon about some things. He was like okay... So this is my chance to talk to him about his feelings. He needs to let me know how he really feels. I'm tired of him hiding things from me.

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