Abney's Life.
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2012-07-03 16:45:05 (UTC)

Friend Zoned.

Okay so last night I was invited to one of my good friends surprise party for her bday party. Like all my friends were there. Including my best guy friend! Well over the past years me and my guy bff have got so close & I have been falling for him,..HARD. Like we friggin love eachother. NO LIE. & About a month ago I finally got the guts to tell him how I felt. & I got friend zoned.. I was like fml fml fml.. He is such a good friend though. He was nice about it and everything. He told me he just couldn't see me as anything more than a bestfriend. The way I took it was that I would rather him be my bestfriend then nothing at all. Sooo.. Everyone even thinks we should date. All my friends and even all his friends. Btw he doesn't have many guy friends.. Most of his friends are girls.. THAT DOESN'T MAKE HIM GAY EITHER! But anyways..I've been trying to get used to the fact that he "doesn't like me".. It's been hard. The only soloution I have been having lately is tryna talk to other guys and its been kinda working ina way? But then I see him again at the party and i'm just like love blinded. Ughhh I can't get over this guy. He is everything I want... It's also hard to get over him when he flirts like crazy. I'm begining to wonder if he does like me and is just afraid of ashamed to show it? Well if that is the case then I'm better off with someone else. I will not have a bf that is ashamed to let the world know that I'm his gf bcause I deserve sooo much better than that. & A boy should never do that bcause thats just wrong and if he does he deserves a good punch in the face!! Yess.
Bradley needs to stop giving me muxed signals.. I don't like him being shady.. I need to know how he feels... This isn't over yet. :/