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2012-07-03 04:50:45 (UTC)

It was hard getting back to..

It was hard getting back to work today. It is odd how you lose someone and yet life has to get back to normal. I assume there is a new normal. I feel so sad. I know it is okay to feel this way. My sadness is tinged with anger. Anger that life is going on without her. Anger that her husband is without his love. Yet i know the suffering she was enduring with the prospect of it getting far worse. What a loss.

i am going to concert this weekend. I bought the tickets a long time ago. Haven't been to a concert in decades. I feel a bit guilty about going so soon after Mary dying. My sister in law is going with me so she understands the way these feelings are. She is an odd duck but she brings a level of comfort to me.

Tonight my husabnd took me out to eat at "our" favorite go to spot for dinner. He is amzing with me. This is also hard for him as well. He has known my sister for almost 40 years. He is experiencing a loss as well.

It is 1 am and sleep won't come. Television is mindless. Can't concentrate on reading so I ramble in this diary. Isn't that what it is for? Grief is not overwhelming but it it is deep. Life will and does go on. She is in my heart.

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