Confessions of a married woman
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2012-07-02 16:39:03 (UTC)

He surfaces again!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday (ha! yea right!)! Hope you all had a good weekend. My weekend was intersting. On Friday I had a few friends over for drinks at my house it was my friend A, D and my sis J. My sister cooked pastries and I made mojitos. We were having fun just chit chatting then we wanted to change the athmosphere, so we decided that we wanted to go to a bar. First we went to Witches Brew, and it was LAME, we left and we went to Casa Toros it was even LAMER, we ended up going to Dublins which was poppin'! Anyway, by the time we got to the bar I was a lil buzzed and then when we got there I had an I was pretty bad at the end of the night. But guess who messaged me?!?!?!?!??!? Yes! A Messaged me! OMG I was so forward to him that I'm embarrased to chat with him again. Here is our conversation you nosey fuckers (BTW not everythign is spelled correctly in our conversations as I was drunk texting...eek!
a:hey you up?
me: yes luv i am
a: how come, partying?
me: no its only 12:43'
me: omg i was thinking of you two nights ago.
a: oh?
me: dream of you it was like desjavu reversed
a: huh? What dreams of me are you having?
me: it was dejavu
a: what was?
me: my dream
a: how's a dream deja vu (LOL he has a point!)
me: we were fuckin and it felt so good
a: oh yea?
me: Yesss
a: right on.. i aim to please..even if i am just a figemnt of your dream
me: you made/make me wet
a: i know
me: I miss you
a: I miss you too
me: i mis your cock too
a: but i think you're just horny
me: noooo
a: you're not?
me: I'm not I just miss you
a: how come you're not?
me: because youre not here... fuck my pone is going to die
a: dont need me there... i'm in your dreams, so plug it in
me: no i need you
a: well I'm a little father away now
me: icant im in the car and my charging port is broken
a: that sucks
me: you're telling me, but I'll be home soon
a: lol wher are you going
me: i hope youre awake
a: how soon
me: I'm goign home now
a: how long
me: not sure
a: k
me: but i really do miss you
a: i miss you too sweetheart
me: I hope youre still awake
a: depends on how long youll be
me: not sure hotstuff
a: guestimate
me: 45 mins
a: where were you this late? naughty girl
me: im w my friends my sis is driving
me: and i'm only naughty w u baby
a: suuuuure
me: I love being naughty w you
a: :p you've been drinking huh
me: the only reason i fucked my x is because you werent around
me: noooooooooo, i mean every word
a: yeah, but usually you're not this forward
a: I kinda like it!
me: hahaa
me: i like u
me: a lot
a: uh oh
a: lol
me: OMGggg I do
a: :P
me: u still awake
a: yup
me:k fuck i want you...

...i will finish this up later. I got stuff to do! :P

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