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2012-07-02 06:13:44 (UTC)

-Religious Sidenote

Yeh just read some statement about people drinking.

I mean, I was in a pretty good mood, but statements like that just make me go crazy. It boils my blood.

In short, the statement was that people who drink are bad people, not deserving god's kingdom or whatever. Then the person went on referring to accidents containing induced people.

Now let me get one thing straight. This is as helpful to the public as saying shit stinks. Man I hate people like this. You cant possibly compare one with the other without substantial evidence.

I quote a good movie: "One can only generalize with reliable certainty if he has enough statistical information".

I would bet my head that if you were to prohibit alcohol, there would be way more fucked up shit happening. I do not approve for ONE BIT people climbing behind their steers when intoxicated. But please, spare me the religious justified bullshit. To me, you just look like a self-glorified anti-social ego tripper who neglects the key thing the bible should teach you. Some goddamn forgiveness and tolerance.

In such a modern age I have NEVER seen so much people hating on each other. What is it that drives people like you guys to go out there, in the world, and spread messages of hate? Personally I don't really care what kind of religion or god(s) you believe in, as long as you keep it within the boundaries of your home. If you are going to start enforcing it on people, you shame your religion and everything it stands for.

On the other hand, it's a good thing I'm not allowed in God's kingdom. I'd be send straight down the moment I would set foot there. I'd ask him what gives him the right to make so many people suffer, and what kind of a selfish self-centered God he is. Don't come with religion to my door, I find the very notion repulsive.
I can understand people believe because it gives meaning, it gives hope. BUT PLEASE, don't enforce it. Way I see it, religion has brought more suffering than peace. The day that changes, perhaps my view upon religion changes.

We still got a long way for that to go, though.

Just had to vent this. Off to sleep now. I'm out.