2012-07-01 03:04:31 (UTC)

Away from you..day 430 part 2

Can I scream? Please??? I know it's not something that I should do, but I really want to because I can't talk to you. My siblings text you and then they tell me what you say, but I can't talk to you...

As I'm writing all of this to you
My tears are falling fresh and new
Unchecked and without reason
We're functioning and breathing
But I'm dead and I'm seething
Until the day I see you again
Oh what a day that will be
Together just you and me
I can't wait that long
Cause I know our love isn't wrong
Give away your superman
and I'll give you strength
Just trust in me
and in time you'll see
I love you and I miss you like hell

I love you Michael, and I honestly hope that you know that... if you don't than I will have to remind you on the day of my 18th birthday and make up the ground that we lost in the time that we've been away...

love forever and always,

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