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2012-06-30 20:04:03 (UTC)

K ? nd other important junk i forgot to tell you .

i seriously think my mom thinks im still nine years old . she treats me like i am at least . like i understand, no parents want their teen to grow up, but she takes it out of hand . shes fuckin crazy ..i swur . like, I AM IN HIGHSCHOOL . let me be a hgihschooler nd act my age, not younger . k ? thanks . bye bitch .

nd i cant believe i forgot to write about this but not last thursday but the one before that, me nd Spencer kissed . k, so we were at a festival nd i had to leave soon nd we were sitting on a sidewalk nd the song 1985 by Bowling for Soup came on . nd we kinda sat there nd i was singing nd he asked if he could kiss me . i said yes . nd it was jus like a regular long kiss . then we talked nd i said we should prolly head to my car . nd we stood up nd we hugged nd he was like wait, nd he kissed me again but that time we like made out . nd then the next day we went back to the festival . (by then i had already told sarah jay cause we promised to always tell each other that .) so, i was with her, Maddie, nd Alyssa . nd we were all behind the whole festival so like no one was around nd them three started to walk so we followed nd sarah wasl like no you two stay . so we did, nd she kept looking around the corner nd finally she walked away nd we started kissing . then i hear sarah go EMILY ! nd i pulled away nd there she was, watching us make out nd shes standing there smiling . nd i was like seriously ? that is not something you watch . i go why were you watching nd she goes i thought you were still talking . i go so when you saw we werent why didnt you go away ? nd she was like i couldnt !

oh well, soo imma go . bye . em . <3

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