My life and thoughts?
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2012-06-30 07:47:32 (UTC)

First white man

I haven't been on in a year and in the last month... I have slept with my first white man. Ever. I am Asian and white and have always dated and slept with blacc men. To say the least, he is second in command in my top 5 guys I've ever slept with and it confuses me.. It's not easy to break my ego and he did it the first night. Dating in the last two years is not something I do but I think I am starting to have feelings and it is a bizarre feeling. -,..,-
I hate using "I" so much but it's kinda necessary at this time, so sorry.
Emotions usually isn't something I have to worry about and now I am starting to feel something. It could be that the great sex is getting to me head? I have so much to say but don't know how, so all readers, stay blessed.


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