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2012-06-30 14:54:18 (UTC)


Seriously, its really annoying when a boy keep on following and watching you. I felt annoyed for a week because of Matt. He started to follow me and kept on saying chessy words. I answered him no last school year and now he is starting again. Seriously, he is not giving up.

Last time I went to the library with my cousins. I sat in the next table on him. Of course, as I expected Cris (Fake name for my BFF) sat across me. He was making his assignment while I am talking to my cousin. Matt suddenly sat besides me. I took a glanced at Cris. He is looking at Matt with a unexplainable expression. I felt a bit bored and kept on annoyed Matt besides me. I kept on flipping the book he was reading. I am not saying that I want to make Cris jealous but seriously its really boring. No one talking or looking at each other. Matt suddenly hold my hand to stop me flipping his book. I quickly get my hand and looked at Cris. He's expression is serious. I secretly smiled because I think his jealous. A minute later our 2 girl classmates stand up and went to the bookshelves. My cousin, Matt, Cris, and I are left in the table. I just kept on looking at them because I'm totally bored like hell. My cousin went to the other table. The three of us are left in one table. The silent come again. A minute later Cris stand up and make an excuse. I looked at him. He looked at me with an serious expression then arrange the chair in the table but with a loud bam. I got surprise and looked at him. Is he really jealous?????? Matt and I are left in the table. I didn't leave because what if he will think I am going to Cris. I don't want anyone noticed about it. The bell rang and I quickly get up in my seat and walked towards my bag. He was still in front of the entrance of the library. He is also looking at us with a serious looked at his face.