2012-06-28 22:39:13 (UTC)

Fire Away

Ricochet, into the flames.

Shoot me down, but I won't fall,
I am titanium!
Shoot me down, but I won't fall!
I am titanium-um-um-um-um....

Fire away, fire away.
So we're currently driving on the road to Kentucky, but it's taking forever to get to Chicago...I wanna go home and sleep already, and I miss my cousins. I'm too busy listening to Isaly talk and everyone else sleeping. I just wanna go home and sleep myself.

I'm talking to Ernieeeee. c:
He's amazingness.
But my phone died, so...
Now I have to use this piece of shit internert that papi has installed on his phone that's not even working. I can't play ROBLOX or go on Facebook. I can't do anything...I'm just typing in here because I'm bored D:

I miss Robin. :( I wonder how he's doing...he must be so stressed out.
And Greesham! omg. I wish him best of luck...

my favorite valedictorian specifications require a certain antidisestablishmentarianism of pterodactyls of other ectosis requiring a certain species in which the larvae of Anime kingdom.

That was quite weird. c:
Sophomore year in Kentucky, here I come.
But first, hello Japan...