How does one live life?
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2012-06-29 03:14:51 (UTC)

Screamed A Little...

Hey diary.

I'm trying to fix my sleep rhythm. If you noticed the time on all entries, you would see that it is starting to work.

Just wanted to say a few things before going to sleep. And by the way, it is very hot at the moment. I wish it would just rain and cool off.

I forgot to mention a few things yesterday. I had a little emotional bump and I vent it in that way. Pay no respect to it, it's scribble, nothing more.

So about today. Woke up at 1 PM. The hot climate just sucked the energy right out of me. Tried to get up, but bones were jelly. Screamed a little on the inside. Resurfaced on planet Earth at 1600. Bones were still jelly. Took a nosedive out of the bed, and stumbled to my feet like someone with two broken legs.Screamed a little on the inside. I zombie-walked towards my door and tried to muster enough muscular strength to open it. Failed miserably and fell flat on my back on the bed. Screamed a little on the inside. Next biological sign was measured at 1700. Took a sip of water that was still in a cup. Tasted like dust. Screamed a little on the inside. Knocked me out of my sleep-mode tho. Went downstairs. Saw mother's boyfriend. Screamed a little on the inside. Took one of the most awkward breakfasts. Or lunch. Or brunch. Whatever...

With good hope, I was back behind my pc. Googled summer jobs - in my native language ofcourse - and read bad news. Less summer jobs due to crisis. Screamed a little on the inside. Gave up after 1 minute. All hope reserves were depleted. Retry at 1300 tomorrow.

Subject watched a new movie at 1 o'clock. Movie was called LOVE. Subject thought it was a drama. Read a prelude and deduced it was a sci-fi. Continued watching it. After movie ended, specimen code-named Xin felt emotions never felt before. Subject was pleasantly shocked.

Alright enough third person for now. Pretty clever movie. Kind of my style. I liked it very much, thinking about adding it to mental list of cult-movies.

And so another day comes to a closure. I close my eyes upon seeing the sun rise, and the fresh dew glistens due to morning frost. Nah, that's crap. It's to damn warm to get dew. I hate warm weather.

I'm out.