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2012-06-27 19:37:33 (UTC)

The funeral was yesterday. It..

The funeral was yesterday. It was hard to say good bye. We went back to her and David's house for a family gathering. I kept expecting to see her at every turn. Her husband loked weary. I am concerned about him once everyone leaves and it is just him and his daughter. She is an adult child but all the same when it comes to really dealing with the loss.
My husband has been a source of strength and keeps my feet n the ground. There have been several situations that there has been tension but he keeps me grounded. I don't know what I would do without his quiet and sound disposition.
That is what my sister did for David. How do you get over that kind of loss? I suppose one doesn't but life keeps going forward. He said he is set up with a counselr from the church. He has been comforeted by them. That makes me glad that he has solace in the spiritual.
There were songs at her funeral that have always given me comfort. I felt as if God had planned them for me. I did the reading from 1 Corthians about "love is paitient ..." It was the reading that came to mind when David asked me to read. I didn't say it to him...it was a gift. I did it with great focus because it was about my sister. She was kind, caring and put others first. My sister in law thought I waa stoic because she broke down crying during her portion of the readings. It wasn't that at all. I wanted the people to know that the reading was Mary. And it was.
Today is a grieving day. I slept and have laid around. I needed that. Tomorrow we start back with a lng drive home. We will drive halfway and stay at a hotel and then continue the journey. We are travelling with my brother and sister in law. It has been an exhausting trip for us as well as them.
Our son Kevin has called daily to check on my husband and I. he is a good man. I miss him and our other "boys". I am so thankful for family here and at home.

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