2012-06-26 23:51:08 (UTC)

Yeah .

Ive been on REAL thein ice with my parents lately . like i really dont understand how people get along with their parents cuase i REALLY CANT do it . like someone please explain to me . PLEASE .

aidan and abby broke up . ig they faught a lot nd then aidan forgot their anniversary so abby broke up with him but had sarah do it . ig he went nd locked himself in the bathroom nd cried .

lol at people now a days .

oh ian got a girlfriend . this is our convo:

ian: hey
me: hey
ian: wassup ?
me: listening to music . wbu ?
ian: chillin
me: funn .
ian: yeah, i got myself a girl
me: go ian ! who ? lol .
ian: her name is jacqlynn
me: whered you meet her ?
ian: my aunts wedding
me: oh ..she on facebook ? i wanna see what she look like . lol .
ian: i can send you a picture .
me: alright .
ian: *picture*
me: ohh . shes pretty .
ian: i know
me: lol . good job ian(: lol .
ian: hahah, thank you . im so happy .
me: thats good .

and i mean, shes pretty but shes really not . im not gunna lie. like she is a lil bit . but even McKenzie said she wasnt that pretty ...so i mean ...

well imma go . byee (: em . <3