Fallen from Grace
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2012-06-26 15:48:44 (UTC)


Awww yes. Today i am laying on my stomach... cool breeze blowing caressing my half naked body. I'm on the previlon. The air around me moist as the melody of the rain on the acoustic soundtrack. Right now its nice bit there's a reason IM half naked. Honestly i am so tired of days like today. It started out all cool slept in my little spot. Slept good. The day warm but not hot with slight overcast. The day was looking good then outta nowhere than changed. It was so crazy. At 11am i was in a super long line to eat at the place that feeds homeless and or needy. Suddenly the sky ripped open and it poured ass about 30 mins. Just long enough to soak through both my shirts. IM conflicted. I get one free meal a day so it leaves me hungry a lot. Do I buy food when i am hungry or do I wait? Do i spend money on a hoody and/or umbrella to make my nights outside or save the money for ticket to go home? These what's on my mind today. Life is beating me up. I will not give up though. I keep drawing on myself the words: dum spirant spero-- Translation: while i breathe i hope. it helps... beyond slot you.