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2012-06-26 19:27:34 (UTC)

All poems that I've ever written

Hey Michael, not that you're gonna read this... but I've written so many poems in the past couple years, and just so you know I'm gonna add them all to this specific entry...

I only have one right this second cause i don't have them in front of me and i cant remember any others off of the top of my head... just letting you know whats to come :)

As I'm writing all of this to you
My tears are falling fresh and new
Unchecked and without reason
We're functioning and breathing
But I'm dead and I'm seething
Until the day I see you again
Oh what a day that will be
Together just you and me
I can't wait that long
Cause I know our love isn't wrong
Give away your superman
and I'll give you strength
Just trust in me
and in time you'll see
I love you and I miss you like hell

You're scaring me
You're making me cry
I'm still the same
I didn't change
Unless you feel we're lost
I'm willing to pay the cost
You haven't lost me
You never will
Unless you drift away
I'm here to stay
To hear what you say
Takes my breath away
It's not right
We're putting up a fight
I love you with all my heart
You have become my other side
There's nothing I can hide
I promised that I loved you
I need you to believe me too
Believe me when I say
I'll love you forever
and I'll never leave you

Needing to speak
Not wanting to hurt
Just trying to reach
I need you to know
Please try to understand
That my love I can't explain
and my feelings hard to show
but the love I have
and the love you know
Is always in my heart
and will continue to grow