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2012-06-25 15:20:34 (UTC)

Away from you..day 434

We are down to 434 days left till we can see each other again... for those of you who are curious and don't know why, here is the story...

My boyfriend Michael and I wanted to date, but I wasn't allowed to because at the time I was only 15 and he was two years older than me, which would make him 17... now I know what you're thinking..that's a big difference, but really, it's not. Look at this...everyone has a problem with it when you are 15-17, 16-18, but they don't have a problem when you are 17-19.. and then they start basically having heart attacks again when you are 18-20, and 19-21... but after that they don't care cause in all reality it's not that big of a difference being two years apart... like when you get older and you're 30 and he's 32, no one is gonna care. Anyway, I was only 15 and he was 17 so I wasn't allowed to date... but we wanted to, so when he asked me out on May 13th of 2011 I said yes... that is where all of the trouble began. We started out just hiding the fact that we were holding hands on the bus, but after awhile my parents found out through text messages and such that we were dating and they told me I wasn't allowed to talk to him till school started up again..we had just gotten out the day before from school.. anyway, we started sneaking out, and even though we got many chances to correct what we were doing.. we didn't. Thus the reason we can't talk or see each other for 434 days.

To start my normal entry for the day... Good morning Handsome, This morning has been interesting..if you can even call it that.. we got a renter for my grandparents duplex yesterday, and we are still painting the shop..which isn't very fun, but hey that's my life right now. So anyway I ran into one of my really good friend's moms at Costco yesterday and we got in touch. Her name is Katarina. I know I have never talked about her before so you would have no idea who she is, but she is like 5'6 or 5'7, blonde, christian, really outgoing..more so than Alex or Shayla lol which has to say something cause Shayla is really outgoing...I'm hanging out with her today, So that should be really fun...We're headed back to Colorado in a day or so and I really wish I could talk to you. I guess the only really exciting thing for me is hanging out with my cousins Jess, and Crystal on Fourth of July. Nathan doesn't show up till August...I know that everyone is excited for summer and I know that it is just beginning, but honestly I'm so ready for school to start. That is mostly drawn from the fact that I know as soon as school starts up again I will have just turned 17 (As of September), which means that I can start the countdown from 365 days...a year and counting down. haha. I love you Michael, and I miss you... Remember those quotes that I used to send you over text everyday? Well I'm gonna start writing one on here everyday instead since we can't talk..but not today cause I got to go. I love you more than life, and I'm still counting down.
loving you,

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