2012-06-23 08:03:44 (UTC)

She is gone

The call came while I was at work. He called me crying. I have never heard him cry before. She is gone. it happened rather unexpectedly. He said she was up and about talking with him before he left for work. There was no indication she was that close. Close she was and she sat in her chair and died.

It is unreal. I think i just heard that phone call in a dream. It is still not real. The flurry of phone calls and plans to go down south still seem unreal. Yet when he calls and cries, I know it is. My thoughts and worries turn to him. Sleeping alone the first night. The home is filled with my sister's presence. He loved her so much.

We will be travelling with my brother and his wife. It's going to be a long hard journey but I am glad to have my brother to work through this grief together. My husband is the rock I lean on in my sorrow. My sister in law is the planner and organizer. What do I add to this mix? In sight about the need to grieve and work through the process.

Two of our children and their wives spent the day with us to comfort and grieve. Our adorable grandson was here as well. Our out of town son kept in regular contact by phone. They are all fine men and their wives are amazing and loving. My husband and I are truley blessed.

Good night sweet Mary. You are free now. I love you so much.

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