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2012-06-22 22:14:23 (UTC)

Away from you..day 452

Hey hun, well it is the day of.. well really the end of day 452. I'm tired from working all day. Not anywhere near the kind of work that you do obviously, but I have been mowing lawns, vacuuming, weeding, and doing dishes. God I miss you right now. I know I'm supposed to remember the butterfly and all, but sometimes its hard. The only reason I've been eating at all lately is because I know what happened awhile ago, and because of it you asked me not to... mostly out of fear that if I did than I would end up killing myself the second time around. Anyway I just needed you to know that I miss you, it's day 452, and I love you so damn much. I'm looking forward everyday to being back in the comfort of your arms.
loving and missing you,
your girlfriend,

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