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2012-06-22 17:44:41 (UTC)

Never take shortcuts

Maybe im focusing on the parts about Abdul, but his ways are irking me. He has this selfishness that reminds me of my brother that I cant stand. I feel like he expects things a cetain way and here I am stumbling upon them and going..wait a minute! Even in the smallest of arguement thats ment to be playful or way to say something sweet is another way for him to explain himself and be right. The guy is a right fighter!! And its annoying. Im the one who lets it go and apoligize cuz i come fro m a big family where im used to handling various arguements, and thus use this approach if i deem that the arguement isnt 'a big deal', if it is then ill argue back. Anyways we talked about when we move in and what to expect and i truly dont mind most of the things...its just money wise...i dont feel safe with him. His ways arnt fair. I feel like hes expecting things to be even money..and i feel like that cant happen if one party has a career and one has a job. Im not a gold digger. But i have the notion to want to be taken care of or at least the option that he'll take care of me when the need arises. Im starting to feel like he doesnt have my back anymore and that scares the shit out of me.