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2012-06-22 00:29:59 (UTC)


Had a chat with someone about death today. He so blithely said "It is a good day to die". Not the answer i was looking for. Coming to terms with one's own mortality is a frightening prospect. At least it is for me. What happens after we die? My faith has taught me that we meet with Jesus and go over our lives. That's the problem. I'm not sure I meet the standard. It scares me because I have led a mainly selfish life. You know. It is all about me.

Then again, I try to live the right life. I fail and often. The important part of the faith is that Jesus forgives if you ask and repent (turn away from, change). Again I try. There are things I did but no longer do but have new things replaced them? i have been told I have an over active conscience. But is that believable? okay and trust and control issues. You thing at 56 these things wouls be settled. Seeking to rid myself of these things has been a lifelong process. perhaps when I figure it all out that's when my time comes.

Death. Thoughts often come to me. Mostly about losing the people that are closest to me. How would life proceed? it does but how? My sibling is battling and losing her life to cancer. She is tired and scared. how can comfort be brought to her? What words can allieviate some of the suffering? She is so far away how can comfort be brought to her? What about her husband and children? What are they going through? How can they be helped?

Today I was told I would be handling a case in which a child has died. i was picked for this case. Why?

Is today a really good day to die? How is that possible?

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