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2012-06-21 00:59:56 (UTC)

Walking the labyrinth

Today is the Summer Soltice. In the little town of Montrose, Pennsylvania is a place where you can walk a labyrinth. It is a center for yoga and meditation. I would like to attend classes ther but it is a half hour away. Several times a year, the place hosts a walk. It is a meditative tool. I don't usually mediatate but I draw amazing energy from the process. Something I just can't seem to generalize in my daily living.

It is like a maze but you don't hit a dead end. If you follow it through it will lead you to the center. The walk is simple but you stop and think about things or draw an energy from it. I am a Christian and I believe the "energy" is the Spirit. The labyrinth is a tool to make one pause and reflect.

Tonight i am so conflicted about many things. My sister Mary is dying and I am far away from her, thoughts about my work invaded and some truly personal things came up. The "answers" were more on being merciful and mindful of others. I tend to be a very selfish person. I hope I can put these things I learned into practice and walk the labyrinth in my mind.

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