Meet My Life
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2012-06-20 17:19:05 (UTC)

Putting down the blade

I hide my blades from my everyone. I have them dug into the deepest point in my thick black carpet, under neith my vanity pressed against the wall. I have many scars; 8 very visable scars on my left arm, 6 on my right. My legs... thats a whole other story. I have over 100 scars on each leg. Those are just from my skin disease. That is slowly healing. From self harm, I have 21 scars together on both legs (not including disease). I have a special one, its a heart, with a butterfly inside on my upper left thy. I'd say it's about the size of a quarter. Most people think that its a tattoo. I put down my blades. I dug up a hole about 5ft deep. Then trew them in.