Experienced Life
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2012-06-20 02:20:07 (UTC)

Need to get outta hear!!!

Can't stand North Highlands anymore. Boring as heck! Sure, I'm saving money but this place sucks! Zero fun factor. I need to find a place probably back to Citrus Heights. Need some form of a social life.

I've come to a conclusion. I'm older and I gained 30 pounds. So I know my problem is more than just personality. I just got back from San Diego and that place rocks! That's where I came to a realization that I really let myself go.

So now I'm overweight, old, and living in the ghetto. Dang it!!! Can't sleep. Looking at the four walls again and it's almost 3:30 in the morning. The ex is still giving me shit. I miss the kids. All seems to be not going so well. I did manage to win our playoff match for darts. One more match and one more win and we are going to the show!!! Somewhat exciting but my life is pretty much boring as hell.

Getting a bit more lonely and sad which sucks. Not sure what my next move is. I hope something comes up soon. Oh yeah, I need to move. Looking daily for a new place. Screw saving money. Tired of this room.

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