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2012-06-19 20:41:30 (UTC)

Marriage Heartache, plane crash and more….

A lot has happened….my marriage is hanging on a string…my wife says she will stay with me (as nothing more than a flat mate) until our youngest child is 18 and then leave but if she finds someone before then she will leave earlier….our girl is 5! I am trying to be mature about it and just get on with life……
Lost 2 very close friends in a plane crash 2 weeks ago….life is so dark right now…trying to cope with the losses and be there for their families…….
I may lose my job by the end of the month as I have been told my contract may not be renewed….
I still have a lot of things to be grateful about….I am healthy, my children are a source of joy and my business is kicking off….I am also trying to distract myself with extracurricular activities like swimming, salsa classes and golf….
Still very far away from where I want to be regarding my studying and my body exercises but that is the challenge….
I have also enrolled to study a master’s degree in mathematics (my 3rd masters) in October….so looking forward to that…..