lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-10 05:10:12 (UTC)

proof that i am a geek

advisory: there is the mention of a boy in here. no romance, no
feelings that can in any way be interpreted as positive, but there is
a definite mention of him. so just be forewarned.

ok, so tonight was youth group, which is seriously the
highlight of my week. actually, this week, it will
probably be focus, but that's special. kinda like special
friends...what? jeffrey? leather jackets?

anyhoo, youth group was kinda silly for me, since i hung
out with ryan all night. (haha he touches my face too's so weird!!) but my point about why i am a geek
is this:

we were playing dodgeball tonight, and this one ball kinda
landed between where i was and where joe was (we were on
separate teams). well this little devil inside of me made
me rush for it, and i got to it first. joe was like three
feet away and i just chucked it at him and got him out.
haha ohhh man. and i seriously laughed to myself and
thought about how that was some sort of victory over him
(don't ask...i don't get it either). it was one of those
nights where i just felt like i was up to no good and haha
everything made me do the evil laugh.

so that's why i'm a geek. heh heh. but there are sooo
many other reasons.

i talked to britt today about wanting to be homeschooled
and she didn't pass out or anything, so i think she'd be ok
if i didn't go to oaks anymore (at whatever point that
happens). anyway, yep, that's one good thing about her
making plenty of friends...if i ever get to make the escape
i so deeply desire, she's not dependent upon me the way i
am upon her. haaaaaaaaa.

the relient k CD is now in mal guz's hands. this means i
do not have it. this means my good tunes have been seized
from me. ahhh! no. i think i'll make it.

it's almost my half birthday...and i don't have my permit.
ohhh this is bad. very bad!!!! do you understand how much
i need to get it? actually it's not life or death, i've
got friends who drive. but still. it's the symbolism that

hey on my progress report, i had a 4.0! killer! not that
i still have a 4.0, but it's cool to know that i had a 4.0
at oaks for 6 weeks. oooh la la!

well now i think i shoudl go to bed. i don't want to, i'm
not tired, etc...but i should still go to bed. we have a
race tomorrow (well, I don't) but yeah i need to rest so
that i can enjoy my 8 hours in riverside!!! ahhh! at least
i have x period 1st and then only 2 classes before dismissal.