Adventures of a Small Town Teenager
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2012-06-19 02:26:29 (UTC)

New Beginnings

Dear Diary,

recently I was notified via email that I had a diary on this website!!! imagine my surprise!! it's been ages since i've last written an entry. and it's a bit odd talking to a computer, when in actuality i'm just really talking to myself.

i've graduated highschool recently, and i'm going to begin college.
it's nerve-wracking yet, oh so exciting :).

............... i'm not precisely sure what to write, i'm merely writing in this diary right now just to update it.
customarily, when i write in my paper journals I do so because i need to vent.
( usually because i'm mad or sad)

and I tend to write tidbits of how i'm feeling, or I write songs.
whenver i would write out how I was feeling and exactly why I was feeling the way i was, I would take up about 4-5 pages in my diary.
and i'm never in the mood for an aching hand and for pencil smearings on my pinkie ( i'm left handed )

I can't get " There is a light that never goes out" - The Smiths , out of my head.
the line " and if a double decker bus crashes into us , to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die " is playing on repeat over and over again!!!!