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2012-06-18 06:14:26 (UTC)

screwed, loose

I think I might be screwed. I doubt it'd be in it's entirety. but my so-called "ambition" for going to school has always been to get my mba, the day after I turned 19 and registered for my business license, since the day I opened up my comic book/roleplaying store in that tiny hole in the wall, since I first went to red river and got my marketing diploma. It's funny, because it's not something I particularly, strive for, but it's something I'm good at. I have a good business sense, I have a strong will to succeed and be competitive.

When my God-Mother Kim (of the Wyrd Sisters, yeah the winnipeg band who sued Warners for the Harry Snotter flick using their name in the movie) would regale me of stories of how she would flip houses and how she owned 9 rental properties, I was always fascinated by the real estate markets. I had a long time thought I might get into it, and I did, it's how I bought my first (and only) house at 22 for a song (of course, selling it a year 1/2 later really stung, but that's a whole other thing), and I made after all the fee's and such, nearly five grand off it. But priorities changed, lots of things changed when I met krisen. actually come to think of it, while I don't blame her for it, I dropped almost everything being with her. friends, my job working at race track (primo job, but long hours, its where I developed my gambling problem, and why I don't go into casinos), and well, even university suffered for it.

Anyways, I thought about it off and on, I even watch home reno shows, and those shows on tlc/discovery of people flipping houses, and why I railed at the trustees about my mom's house (and the resulting shit storm from that), I do know quite a bit about housing. I've moved often enough too. not sure if that necessarily translates, but hey, here I am. I had contemplated for a long time about going into real estate, and the great thing about UBC, is that they have a bachelors for it. Now, I could go all in and try to do it, but the more I think about it, the more I'd rather do a b.comm with a breadth of study rather than just real estate. regardless, I'll have to wait 3 years before I can get new student loans. so now I'm just sort of stuck, trying to figure out, if in 8 years when I'll finish my MBA, if it'll be worth even doing by then, what with the recent economy downturns, and the housing marketing slowing. I don't know. I have one shot at this. There's no room for errors. this will make or break me either way.

All of that of course, is contingent on, where I'm living. part of me wants to move to victoria, rents cheaper, which is about all it has going for it. or, if I go back out east. I could get my own place for $500 a month easy in montreal, here it's nearly $900 for a decent one. I don't know, it's a real toss up. regardless, I'll do the math upgrading I need to do. I don't know. part of me wants to, part of me doesn't. I just hate this limbo crap. until I find out about the court thing, everythings up in the air. again. blah.

anyways, the full goal of going back to school, is, get my mba, do a triple-stream major in International Business (Japanese), E-commerce and Real estate. The each have very narrow requirements and even overlap, so doing a triple stream is quite easy. I would minor in Film and Japanese. If the real estate thing doesn't work out, I can go and teach english in Japan. If I don't like teaching english in japan (or at all), well, I'll still have an MBA, and I'll still have the ability to get a job somewhere.