Me Myself and I
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2012-06-17 22:56:52 (UTC)

the 84th day !!! FIRST DAY

So, Diary, I am now on my first day of challenge .. I tried to eat healthy food and did not have dinner... I wanted to start workouts but didn't have time cause I have to prepare for my first training which is tomorrow.
Yes, I have this two-month training program which is part of my course. So I have to do some revisions...
Any way, I thought about "slowly but surely"... I don't have to spend three hours a day in a gym .. just today I am trying to minimize what I am eating!!

Hmm.. so about tomorrow I am struggling what to wear ! Casual or Professional? I don't know cause, I don't have a lot of clothes :( It is really hard... to choose ... especially when your wardrobe is limited in choices..
Oh well ! This is one of the reasons I must loose weight!
Please, pray for me that I can do this!! :D

hmm.... what else.. oh yeah, Today was a great day by the way .. I talked to my Boyfriend today and I felt so happy <3 oh I can see hearts everywhere... *blushing*
But the problem is he went abroad for work I don't get to see him everyday only through skype ... how sad is that .. that is why I can't tell him everything or I don't want to even bother him for theses tiny problems that I have.. but like I said those tiny things means BIG to me ... :( yeah .. poor me.. :(

So tomorrow I'll be talking about my first day as a trainee in a IT company !!
Wish me luck !!! I am so scared right now ...
Hope that the first day won't be that hard..

Thanks diary
Good night!

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