the real
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2012-06-17 12:41:11 (UTC)


From time to time,I always think that i have lost my mind for life. I wonder why i become the one like that??I feel disappointed about the life i lead at present time. I also want to change and to be a stronger person like the boy i love named Nichkhun. I really prefer him. He is so great,and he is so talent. He don't satisfy about the life he lives now.He want to become stronger,so that he try he best to do everything wonderful,and as good as he try.Since i have saw the we got married,i really appreciative about Nivhkhun and Victoria.they are the wonderful person i have saw.They go abroad to pursue their dreams when they were the teenager.Although they would feel lonely and sad something,they still keep their dreams in mind. Day after day, they did't even want to stop their step to move on.They always give me energy that encourage me to stand for the thing i want. They even the good example for me to let me really the life i live which is time-wasting.All thing i should do is to think cleanly about the future for myself.