Me Myself and I
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2012-06-17 01:54:01 (UTC)

My June's resolution !

My name is Haylina. I am 24 years old! Funny right? A 24 year old woman still writing on her diary? How lame is that?
Anyway, let me tell you the truth, I don't have that much friends and I don't end up telling my problems to any one who knows me !
I just hate the fact to let people know about my everyday struggles and how I feel ...
Anyway, I just want to give you a hint about my life ..
I thank God for what I have..
but As you know , sometimes you tend to want more !! right? temptation?! yes maybe
or maybe jealousy? or maybe low self-esteem..
Any way, I grew up in a loving family and I am still leaving with them !
By the way I am a straight A student until now :) cool huh ?
but how cool is that when you get teased by your entourage about your appearance, your mistakes and well everything about you !?
First of all, let me tell you that I am a very BIG person or may I say a very FAT one ... I weigh 220 pound almost 96 kilograms and my height is 1m73. I was chubby and fat ever since high school !
LAst year I was thinner than this but because I am the kind who studies while eating... so I tend to get reeeeeallly fat ..
Well today, I was walking with a classmate which I spend a day with her doing some shopping. We entered a shop where there was a man blocking the way. I told him excuse me can we pass .. he answered me back: " Oh yeah I see you can't fit in the doorway!!" he was rude ! I felt like crying and hoping my classmate didn't hear what he has said.. but I really felt frustrated and mad at myself..

I am the only fat girl compared to my cousins!
Anyway, going back... today I decided to change my life!! And I don't want to talk about this with my friends neither my parents or neither my boyfriend!
I just want to keep it anonymous just in case... I want it to come from my inner power not from the pity of other people..

So today, I decided to enter a 84 days weight loss challenge!! where my goal is to loose at least 20 kilos this summer !!! I know it is hard! but I want to get a new life where I want to be healthy and happy!!
I hope this works !!!
Good luck to me !!!