Maukan teksti
2012-06-16 17:23:37 (UTC)

9.6-16.6 Mostly just read some manga.

gw2 is cool.
Also Town Seed and Kitaru sound quite cool. Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox doesn't sound too bad either but not really as interesting.
Not sure what I want to do while I wait for my brother to stop playing GW2. Maybe

Stupid laptop restarted itself while I was out on a walk and so I lost the notes for last 4 days... Now it should just dl updates but not install them unless I want to.
Anyway if I remember right I was thinking of playing Lucent Heart and read various mangas. 7 Seeds was awesome and A Girls was nice and hmm, A Book Of Dreams readable. I think those were the main points since gw2 weekend.

I just suddenly realised that I could sleep soon or maybe even now. I was almost going to start doing something and I think if I had I would've stayed up for quite a while and then it'd another day of staying up for around 17-20 hours.

Anyway I ran for a while during the walk today, I'd really like to do start doing that more often, it was very refreshing.

Woke up feeling rather nice.
Past Future is (still) awesome.
Reading Pastel atm. it's nice, made me feel rather happy even if it's just a standard romcom harem.

Para Paru is kind of interesting, too bad no ones tling it anymore.
Ai Ore kind of sucks, it's readable and has enjoyable bits but I can't say that I'm glad to have read it.

Bought the June Bug bundle. It had Noitu Love 2 and Iconoclasts alpha.
Need to fill some forms before I get to study gardening.

Slept in the summer room for a change. It got awfully hot after I turned the battery(heater?) on. Played a bit of Legend of Kage 2 and then the new Iconoclasts alpha.
16.6 Played through Escape Goat, was rather fun 2 hours. Didn't play through the super hard extra levels.
Hmmh, I could play something on my DS or play Tribes or EYE, or I could read some manga. Reading manga wouldn't require me to move at all... Hmm I should also play Space Empires IV at some point, I think MK recommended the it to me at some point.

I mod Driftmoon instead.