wet blanket
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2012-06-16 12:37:38 (UTC)

You win. You're right. I hope you're happy, because i'm not.

I started crying again. I don't know why.
I really want to cut myself. Why can't I do anything right, my mum always shows me that. That I can't do anything right, she really shoves it in my face. Thanks a lot, I get it okay I've fucking realised I'm a failure, is that what you want? are you FINALLY right? do you feel great now? was being right worth it all.
I don't think anyone could hate me more then I hate myself.
Being sad is comfortable, because I know it so well. It's like happiness is only a place I'm sometimes allowed visit.
hah but sorry mum I was right about a few things. Like the fact that I KNEW I would stop getting the feeling of wanting to talk to Jessa, to be around her. I'd stop feeling the friendship that was there.

and I did. I told you not to split us up.
Look how much happier I am now. I'm so fucking happy.

You took away my light.
Urrbrae will be great, she'll get over it, she'll be happy there, she'll forget Jessa, I don't care what she says I'll make her go anyway.
Well yeah, thanks for that. Greatly appreciated , I have forgotten her, but I am NOT happy. I've become extremely depressed. I haven't forgotten how you didn't give a fuck about my opinion
Fuck you. So much.