Diary of Naomi
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2012-06-15 14:21:41 (UTC)

A big mistake

I made such a big mistake with a guy in my school. At school I have two friends with same name, lets call them... Danny. Danny>1 is closer to me than Danny>2. The thing is that Danny>2 changed his profile picture and I thought he was Danny>1.

-Hey dude! How are you?
-(Me)I'm fine thanks for asking Danny
-Can you do me a favor?
-(Me) Yes what?
-Umm Do you know if **** likes me?
-(Me)Wait dude! what about your girlfriend!? Dude! You girlfriend! Don't you remember you got one? You got to respect her!
-Dude, what are you talking about?
-(ME)Danny! Stop joking!.. Ohhh I get it, this is another person using his phone! I'll tell Danny you are using his phone dude!
-Ummm ok dude.. just never mind.. and do not talk to me O_o
-(Me)Danny.. wait..

And I checked his profile.. when I saw it was Danny>2, instead of Danny>2 I just wanted to die! What a frinkin' shame!

And that is one of all the shames I get everyday
Hehe, thanks for reading! :D

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