Fallen from Grace
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2012-06-15 13:13:32 (UTC)

down side

Well today is my first entry from my Droid. I have been here in Daytona for a week today the first couple days were OK. I miss my my love. Amanda had a miscarriage yesterday morning. I want out of here so bad. I need to be there for her. I went to travelers aid and they can get me 25% off my 165 dollar ticket. That still leaves me 120 left to raise. Not digging this at all. Last night. I went to a church. And i was almost invisable after being showed off like a show and tell exzbit. Maybe it was people treating differently due to my black finger nails and toes. Either way its funny what you will do for those you love. Hopefully today will bring goes news. I had put my faith in someone who swore she would put me to work but then didn't. That's what i get for trusting someone other than me. Oh well got to stay positive.

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