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2012-06-15 11:00:49 (UTC)

Just "having a sook" to put it in your words.

I don't know why, but on a few occasions I just start crying, I think about all the bad things in my life and... I just get so depressed. This is going to be a pretty bad start to this 'diary'. A brief summary of why I'm upset;
I miss primary school. So much. It was so simple, I had Jessa, Tovi, Kane, Alistair, Henry, Isobel, Claire, Billy... Tom.

For some reason that change to High School has ruined me. I hate it. I fucking hate highschool.

I started cutting my wrists and thighs, that's how bad it is. Everyone else is so perfect , skinny, beautiful and smart. I'm none of those things. I hate myself.

I miss all my old friends. They're just gone. vanished. I haven't seen Tovi in nine months. It's already been half a year of 2012, I was supposed to do better this year. I thought it would be better this year.

I'm not better at all. Every thing is shit.
A lot of the time I think about it. Suicide.
But hey to you I'm just a girl smiling as she passes by.

Oh mum and dad what have you done to me.