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2012-06-14 19:56:28 (UTC)


i CANNOT believe i forgot to tell you this . okay so in my summer school class there is this girl named Irish . soo, we was doin work on whitboards d her nd Spencer were writin messages back nd forth ! like no BITCH back the fuck off . k ? thanks .

no, THEN, they was tlaking across the room . like #nostop . pause nd back the fuck up . who are YOU to be FLIRTING with MY BOYFRIEND !? dont do it .

SO THEN we was all waitin for our rides nd i was talkin to Spencer nd here Irish comes nd interupts us nd starts talking to him . BITCH PLEASE . we were TALKING . wait your fucking turn .

then we was waitin for someone to unlock the door nd Spencer pulled out his phone nd she was like, 'oh whend you get an iPhone ?'

like how did you two even meet ? they went to two different grade schools so im NOT understand .... AT ALL .

well i jus thought id rant a lil bit cause im that kinda girlfriend . lol . well BYE ! (:

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