2012-06-13 22:47:09 (UTC)

Whats New !?

Heeey . just cathcing yall up .

I SWEAR EVERYWHERE I GO IAN IS THERE ! target, super bowl city, festival, my friends neighborhood !!! WTF ?!? he annoys me anyways cause one day hes like my best friend nd the next its like he forgets who i am . like you wanna be my friend ? cool, ill be your friend . you dont, im cool with that too . BUT PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER .

Me, McKenzie, Aidan, nd Jordon were at Sarah Jays birthday party nd we saw Ian nd this kid named Alexander so we went to talk to them while the others went off somewhere else . these guys offered us weed which is a long story so ill put it in a different post . lol

I have summer school :/ ...but i only have Thursday, Friday nd then next week nd thats it so im good . lol . But the good thing is Spencers in it too so IM GOOD ! lol .

Jade ..idrk . i think its time for me to stop being her friend . which ill explain in a different post cause thats a long story too . lol .

WOAH ! so i wasj ust listening to the song, Jameson by JMSN..which I LOVE by the way, on youtube nd then it just came one the TV ...weeeeird lol .

well, thought id jus catch you up cause i havent been on in a while . so ill explain the weed nd Jade thing in a different post cause im really tired nd dont feel like typing it all out . lol .

so bye . love yall . em <3